• We are a community that:
    Shares a greater sense of belonging between people of different backgrounds who cherish/celebrate Iranian culture while the cultures of others will be
  • Fosters confidence in their own abilities/potentials to influence decisions that affect them, and participates to advance the interests of Iranian-Canadians in Tri-Cities
  • Contributes to the progress, richness, and diversity of the quality of life in the Tri-Cities


We are a non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious association who is committed to:

  • Promoting Iranian social and cultural activities and events, thereby uniting the members of the community and raising awareness about the IranianCanadian
    subculture in the mainstream
  • Encouraging friendship and networking within the community by creating a space for family and friends to come together
  • Planning cultural programs for exposing teenagers and youngsters to Iranian culture
  • Advocating the interests of Iranian-Canadian community in Tri-Cities
  • Adhering to public and internal accountability as well as democratic values


The Society will:

  • Direct and organize functions, meetings, and events that promote the exposure of Iranian culture and customs
  • Provide guidance and community support for recent immigrants and act as a bridge with the greater community


  • Create a centre to showcase books from Ati
  • Promote new artists
  • How to get involved as newcomers through art
  • Form a group for Iranian artists
  • Promote work of Society through newspaper
  • Help newcomers
  • Exhibition of Iranian artists