Tricity is now the home of many Iranians and the number is increasing everyday. It has the second high population of Iranian after North Vancouver. Beside those who were moving from North Vancouver to Tricity for cheaper cost of living, many newcomers and refuges would chose Tricity as their home of resident. Business owners found Tricity booming economy a place to invest. It was time for us to get organized and have one voice for all.

The need of an organization that is working toward keeping Iranian culture, art and literature alive was the reason behind the formation of Tricity Iranian Cultural Society. Of course there were few community organizations at North Vancouver but nothing was happening at Tricity. Funder of TCICS did they research around how to register the society. Meeting after meeting, TCICS’s funders made their way to their first AGM. They put together a By-Law in accordance with the BC Society Act and registered of the society, in August 2008.

During the past 6 years of existence, TCICS has passed many ups and downs and like many other newly formed organizations had to deal with different issues and problems, yet it made its way up to being recognized by City Authorities and the community members. Number of members increase gradually, few projects were initiated and the strategies were cleared. TCICS has been working hard in keeping alive the heritage, art, literature and customs of Iran and make sure that the community at large are getting familiar with all these.

TCICS has been celebrating Iranian events such as Nowruz, Yalda, Mehregan and in 2014 for the first time managed to have the celebration of Chaharshanbeh Suri at Tricity.

TCICS is proud of its success in making its way through and being recognized by government authorities. In 2011, TCICS managed to collect $6000 donation toward opening the Farsi Section at Coquitlam Public Library, with 2000 donated books by Atefeh Sarafi. In 2012, TCICS received a $2000 grant for Nowruz celebration from Ministry of Multiculturalism, in year 2013 received a total of $13,400.00 of grants from Spirit of City of Coquitlam, for Chaharshanbeh Suri and Nowruz celebration and was nominated to receive the Nisaka Award by Ministry of International Award