Sep, 24, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Note Taker Fatemeh Zakeri Date Sep,24,2015

Coquitlam Public Library-City Center

1169 Pine tree Way, Coquitlam, BC

Time 6:00– 9:00 pm

Key Points Discussed






Welcoming Notes

From TCICS’s Chairperson


Fatemeh Zakeri, Chair of the TCICS Board of Director, addressed the attendees and appreciated their time and care for attending the meeting.


Adoption of minutes of the previous AGM meeting

Minutes of the previous AGM meeting was reviewed, adopted and accepted


Adoption of the Agenda

Agenda of the AGM meeting, adopted and accepted


Presentation and adoption of the Annual Report

Annual Report was presented to members and audiences by Chair and TCICS achievements and challenges were reported.


Presentation of Treasurer’s Report

TCICS’s 2014-2015 Financial Statement was prepared by the Treasurer, Susan Neisani and presented bySalman Bazogh, TCICS accountant.Report adopted and approved.




Appointment of the Election Committee Members

3 candidates from the floor were elected to take part in the Election Committee.

  1. Afsaneh Malkami
  2. Araz Rismani
  3. Fatemeh Zakeri

Election Committee took over the meeting to proceed with election of new members of Board of Directors.


Presentation of the Board of Director Candidates


3 minutes time has been allocated to all candidates to address the audience with their motivation and plans for their candidacy.



72 people participated in meeting ,55 Members were eligible to vote 6 new directors and 3 alternatives were elected

  1. .

The result:

  1. Firouzeh Peyvandi 42 votes, Board Member
  2. Samira Baghvardani 38 votes, Board Member
  3. Azar Kiani 35 votes. Board Member
  4. Parvin Fatemi 35 votes. Board Member
  5. Nariman Nourbakhsh 31 Votes Board Member
  6. Saeed Zahabioun 29 Votes Board Member
  7. Mary Nia 25 Votes Alternative Board Member
  8. Davood Sheikhzadeh 25 Votes Alternative Board   Member
  9. Hamid Shariatzadeh 15 Votes Alternative Board Member
10. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned with Chair, congratulations the new members and alternative Board members.

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